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Hanging By A Name - Breakdown

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rock alternatif progressif
Un voyage hypnotisant à travers des paysages atmosphériques. Pas mal pour un groupe qui n’a qu’une seule année d’existence.

Voici les paroles :

I would be there in your time of need, when all of your world is just crumbling down and you would be hanging by a name. Haunted by that wretched sound echoing in the paths you trailed and all of the plans that you fantasized. Carving it’s way through your insides recurrently and undisguised.
You breathe and scream in rage:
-I’m better…
You spewed your last breath:
-I’m better…
-I’m better than you!
You took your obsession to the very end overlooking what it mattered most. A downward spiral pathway that descends to the monomania you fell host. You lost! Your breakdown creed:
-I’m better, I’m better than you!

Genre rock rock-alternatif rock-progressif

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  1. Publié par hadi le 2007-12-06 à 19:50:15

    bon jour

  2. Publié par etienne le 2008-07-29 à 15:29:06

    ca ces du rock

  3. Publié par flipper le 2012-03-04 à 11:54:02


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