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The Red Orkestra - Still waters

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pop / rock
Très bon album folk, où Johnny Charmer alterne entre morceaux intimistes et coup de gueule politique. Rien à dire et tout à écouter…

I laid myself down beside still waters
And I arose with a feeling of grace
Now I think I know why so many people bother
Trying to make it in this curious place

I went to the west back where I’d come from
Hoping to rest all my trouble and care
I fell in love with Mother Nature
As I stood in the garden bare

I’ve come
To put the fruit back on the tree
I know much more
Than is good for me

All I see are clouds and the sunshine
When I look into the morning sky
But the next man down thinks something else is up there
But when he sees nothing he never asks why

He’s gone
And put the fruit back on the tree
He’s not so curious as he used to be

Tread lightly with me for the truth lies here sleeping
And heaven forbid that it should awake
‘cause people would know what sort of lies they’ve been keeping
And would pray to the lord their souls to take

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  1. Publié par Samber le 2007-12-01 à 10:40:25

    Un peu trop easy-listen pour moi

  2. Publié par Anonymous le 2011-01-28 à 23:03:28

    Pas du tout d'accord,
    je suis tombée en amour avec ce band à la première écoute et c'est loin d'être du mainstream.

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