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The Sharp Things - Cruel Thing

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Indie / Pop / Alternative
The Sharp Things, led by the velvet-voiced Perry Serpa, have been developing their swollen indie pop sound for over a decade now, and in many ways A Moveable Feast could be seen as the culmination of their efforts. The jangly acoustic sensibilities that played around the edges of the last two albums are all but gone here, abandoned in lieu of focusing on re-creating (or re-envisioning) mid-’60s baroque pop. And to be honest, the Sharp Things have always been at their best when they’ve given in to florid instrumentation and outright bombast in the vocals department. Frontman Serpa’s smooth vocals are perfectly fitted to this retro-chic sound, especially on blue-eyed soul tracks like “Cruel Thing.” It would have been a huge loss if this track hadn’t been included on the album, by the way (it was added at the last minute at the urging of Bar/None’s Glenn Morrow). Hyperbole is warranted. This is a thrilling, shiver-inducing torch song that condenses and focuses the Sharp Things’ best traits: their honkin’, eleven-members-strong sound, their savvy songwriting, and their infectious energy. “Through with Love” is another standout track; it’s a perfect storm of brassy, clown-colored theatricality, thoroughly affecting lyrics, and ebullient symphonic swirls (courtesy of the New York Symphonic Ensemble). It’s the kind of indie pop over-the-topness that will have fans of this genre dancing on their tippy-toes. A Moveable Feast is hard to fault: the production is clean and wet (a sound, by the way, which belies the fact that this album was more or less recorded on a laptop), the material is wide-ranging and well made, and the Sharp Things themselves sound more mature and more confident than ever. Will it ever get better for this ragtag bunch of New Yorkers? It’s not clear. This album might just be the Sharp Things’ finest work.

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  1. Publié par drol2typ le 2009-02-02 à 16:30:01

    Bon je termine, pour aujourd'hui, sur une musique génial….
    ça sonne comme si c'était sortit de chez Motown….:)
    J'adore Merci

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